Hiroki Wadati

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Graduate School of Material Science, University of Hyogo

Wadati Lab

[Research Subjects]

(- March, 2007) Photoemission study of transition-metal oxides in the form of epitaxial thin films

(April, 2007- ) Resonant soft x-ray scattering and x-ray absorption studies of the interfaces in transition-metal-oxide thin films

[Academic Experience]

2002 BS, Department of Physics, University of Tokyo

2004 MS, Fujimori Group, Department of Physics, University of Tokyo

Thesis "In-situ Photoemission Study of La1-xSrxFeO3 Epitaxial Thin Films" download (4.69MB)

2007 DSc, Fujimori Group, Department of Physics, University of Tokyo

Thesis "Photoemission studies of perovskite-type transition-metal oxides in epitaxial thin films" download (18.5MB)

[Professional Experience]

Apr, 2005-Mar, 2007: Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) (DC2)

Apr, 2007-Mar, 2009: JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow for Research Abroad, Sawatzky Group, University of British Columbia

Apr, 2009-May, 2009: Postdoctoral Fellow, Sawatzky Group, University of British Columbia

June, 2009-June, 2010: CIFAR Global Scholar, Sawatzky Group, University of British Columbia

July, 2010-December, 2013: Lecturer, Department of Applied Physics and Quantum-Phase Electronics Center (QPEC), University of Tokyo

January, 2014-March, 2019: Associate Professor, Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo

April, 2019-: Professor Graduate School of Material Science, University of Hyogo

- Visiting Appointment -

Feb 1-5, 2010 Visiting Scientist, EMPA (Dr. Artur Braun)

[Publication list]

Original Papers

(In English)


96. K. Yamamoto, S. E. Moussaoui, Y. Hirata, S. Yamamoto, Y. Kubota, S. Owada, M. Yabashi, T. Seki, K. Takanashi, I. Matsuda, and H. Wadati: "Element-selective tracking ultrafast demagnetization process in Co/Pt multilayer thin films by the resonant magneto-optical Kerr effect", arXiv:1910.01556v1.

95. K. Yamagami, K. Ishii, Y. Hirata, K. Ikeda, J. Miyawaki, Y. Harada, M. Miyazaki, S. Asano, M. Fujita, and H. Wadati, "Localized Charge Excitations of La2-xSrxNiO4+d Revealed by Oxygen K-edge Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering", arXiv:1909.01942v1.

94. Y. Zhang, M. Kim, J. Mravlje, C. Sohn, Y. Choi, J. Strempfer, Y. Hotta, A. Yasui, J. Nichols, H.-N. Lee, and H. Wadati: "Photoemission and Dynamical Mean Field Theory Study of Electronic Correlation in a t2g Metal of SrRhO3 Thin Film", arXiv:1907.09677v1.

93. S. Suzuki, K. Takubo, K. Kuga, W. Higemoto, T. U. Ito, T. Tomita, Y. Shimura, Y. Matsumoto, C. Bareille, H. Wadati, S. Shin, and S. Nakatsuji: "High temperature antiferromagnetism proximate to a Kondo insulator in a-YbAl1-xMnxB4", arXiv:1803.09366v1.

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90. M. Nakano, Y. Wang, S. Yoshida, H. Matsuoka, Y. Majima, K. Ikeda, Y. Hirata, Y. Takeda, H. Wadati, Y. Kohama, Y. Ohigashi, M. Sakano, K. Ishizaka, and Y. Iwasa: "Intrinsic 2D Ferromagnetism in V5Se8 Epitaxial Thin Films", Nano Lett. 19, 12, 8806-8810 (2019), arXiv:1910.01959v1.

89. C. Lin, M. Horio, T. Kawamata, S. Saito, K. Koshiishi, S. Sakamoto, Y. Zhang, K. Yamamoto, K. Ikeda, Y. Hirata, K. Takubo, H. Wadati, A. Yasui, Y. Takagi, E. Ikenaga, T. Adachi, Y. Koike, and A. Fujimori: "Nature of Carrier Doping in T'-La1.8-xEu0.2SrxCuO4 Studied by X-Ray Photoemission and Absorption Spectroscopy", J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 88, 115004-1-2 (2019).

88. Y. Yokoyama, K. Kawakami, Y. Hirata, K. Takubo, K. Yamamoto, K. Abe, A. Mitsuda, H. Wada, T. Uozumi, S. Yamamoto, I. Matsuda, S. Kimura, K. Mimura, and H. Wadati: "Photoinduced valence dynamics in EuNi2(Si0.21Ge0.79)2 studied via time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy", Phys. Rev. B 100, 115123-1-6 (2019), arXiv:1905.04120v1.

87. M. Ito, H. Takahashi, H. Sakai, H. Sagayama, Y. Yamasaki, Y. Yokoyama, H. Setoyama, H. Wadati, K. Takahashi, Y. Kusano, and S. Ishiwata: "High pressure synthesis of a quasi-one-dimensional GdFeO3-type perovskite PrCuO3 with nearly divalent Cu ions", Chem. Commun. 55, 8931-8934 (2019).

86. K. Yoshimatsu, J. Ishimaru, K. Watarai, K. Yamamoto, Y. Hirata, H. Wadati, Y. Takeda, K. Horiba, H. Kumigashira, O. Sakata, and A. Ohtomo: "Magnetic and electronic properties of B-site-ordered double-perovskite oxide La2CrMnO6 thin films", Phys. Rev. B 99, 235129-1-8 (2019).

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(In Japanese)

H. Wadati, K. Takubo, T. Tsuyama, Y. Yokoyama, K. Yamamoto, Y. Hirata, T. Ina, K. Nitta, M. Mizumaki, T. Togashi, S. Suzuki, Y. Matsumoto, and S. Nakatsuji: "X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of 4f Compounds and Future Directions Toward Time-resolved Measurements", Adv. X-Ray. Chem. Anal. Japan 49, 169-175 (2018) .

H. Wadati, S. Yamamura, K. Ishii, M. Suzuki, E. Ikenaga, J. Matsuno, and H. Takagi: "Electronic Structures of SrIrO3/SrTiO3 Superlattices Revealed by Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy", Adv. X-Ray. Chem. Anal. Japan 48, 215-223 (2017) .



15. Y. Kubota, M. Suzuki, T. Katayama, K. Yamamoto, K. Tono, Y. Inubushi, T. Seki, K. Takanashi, H. Wadati, and M. Yabashi: "Polarization control by an X-ray phase retarder combined with an arrival timing diagnostic at SACLA", J. Synchrotron Rad. 26, 1139-1143 (2019).


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Books, others

16. H. Wadati: Time-resolved x-ray diffraction/spectroscopy study of transition-metal compounds, Kotai Butsuri 52(5) 45-53 (2017).

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1. H. Wadati: "In-situ Photoemission Study of La1-xSrxFeO3 Epitaxial Thin Films", Bussei Kenkyu (Kyoto) 82, 978-1010 (2004).


1. Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Jan. 25, 2012)

[Presentations in International Conferences]



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[Research Funding]


2. Kiban (B) (2019-04-01 - 2022-03-31)

1. Wakate (B) (2016-04-01 - 2018-03-31)

(Private companies)

8. 2017 Research Foundation for the Electrotechnology of Chubu

7. 2017 The Murata Foundation for Basic Research (Travel support)

6. 2016 Toray Research Foundation

5. 2016 Research Foundation for Opto-Science and Technology

4. 2015 The Asahi Foundation for Basic Research

3. 2014 The Murata Foundation for Basic Research

2. 2013 The Sumitomo Foundation for Basic Science Research Projects

1. 2011 The Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences


(Univ. of Hyogo)

9. Physical Chemistry Practice I (Summer semester)

8. Physical Chemistry I (Summer semester)

(Univ. of Tokyo)

7. 2018 Electromagnetism (Winter Semester)

6. 2017 Physics Seminar (Winter Semester)

5. 2016 Optical Properties and Spectroscopy of Materials (Summer Semester)

4. 2015 Optical Properties and Spectroscopy of Materials (Summer Semester)

3. 2013 Mathematics 2B (Summer Semester)

2. 2012 Mathematics 2B (Summer Semester)

1. 2011 Mathematics 2D practice (Summer Semester)

[Prizes, Awards]

10. The Young Scientists' Prize (The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) (April 2018).

9. Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan (March 2016).

8. 2013 NIMS Conference Poster Presentation Award (July 2013).

7. 17th JSSRR scientific awards (January 2013).

6. Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists, Inoue Foundation for Science (February 2009).

5. Faculty of Science Study Award, University of Tokyo (March 2007).

4. The Best Talk Award, The 19th symposium of The Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research (January 2006).

3. The Best Poster Award, The 1st symposium of SR Surface Science Division in Surface Science Society of Japan (November 2005).

2. The Best Poster Award, The 17th symposium of The Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research (January 2004).

1. The Best Poster Award, PF symposium "Nanotechnology and High-Energy-Resolution Photoemission Spectroscopy" (December 2003).


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