48. International Workshop on Frontiers of Research in Quantum Materials: Observation of novel electronic states by using synchrotron x-rays (Stuttgart, December 2017).

47. Current trends in Optical and X-Ray metrologies of key enabling nanomaterials/devices for the Ubiquitous Society, renewable energy and health: Time-resolved x-ray scattering and its application to magnetism (Okayama, November 2017).

46. BIT's 7th Annual World Congress of Nano-S&T: Ultrafast Magnetic Dynamics Studied by Time-Resolved Soft X-Ray Diffraction and Absorption (Fukuoka, October 2017).

45. EMN Meeting On Ultrafast: Ultrafast spin dynamics studied by time-resolved soft x-ray measurements (Orlando, October 2017).

44. XXVI International Materials Research Congress: Ultrafast magnetic dynamics revealed by time-resolved x-ray measurement (Cancun, August 2017).