53. Max Planck-UBC-UTokyo Center for Quantum Materials Workshop 2018: Ultrafast Element-specific Charge/Spin Dynamics Studied by Time-resolved X-ray Measurements (Tokyo, December 2018).

52. BIT's 9th World Gene Convention-2018 (WGC-2018): X-Ray Absorption/Scattering Studies of Charge/Spin Dynamics in Functional Materials (Singapore, November 2018).

51. The Fourteenth International Conference on Electronic Spectroscopy and Structure (ICESS-14): Ultrafast charge/spin dynamics revealed by time-resolved x-ray measurements (Shanghai, October 2018).

50. Conference on Laser and Synchrotron Radiation Combination Experiment 2018: Time-resolved x-ray study of ultrafast charge/spin dynamics (Yokohama, April 2018).

49. Emergent Condensed-Matter Physics 2018: Observing novel electronic states in transition-metal compounds by soft x-ray (Hiroshima, March 2018).